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Welcome to the Ashlock Clan Connection!

Come and ride the magic carpet across the highway of your past. Step inside to discover your unique family heritage and family connections. Our family history gives us great sense of identity when you know who you are and where you come from. Its a vicarious time machine, like riding a magic carpet across the  highway to our past. Step inside and let the adventure begin!

Our family tree is quite large and consuming, and it's branches are as endless as the sky. This is the one place where all of the family stories from our first known ancestor, Oslac Vel Aslake to our present day family, can be combined together. If all the Ashlock information was combined, there would be easily over hundreds of thousands of names. With such a large database, it was necessary to separate the family into manageable pieces with experts in each area to assist family members to find their kin. I have separated the family with William Ashlock's (d. 1786) sons that fought in the Revolutionary War: Jesse, William, James, Richard, and Josiah. Therefore, this family website is primarily dedicated to Richard Ashlock and his descendents. While there is some information on Richard's brother, the primary emphasis of the website is on both Richard's ancestors, and his descendents.


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