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My Career & Academic Journey

Picture of Tamela Ashlock

  Name & Address: Tamela J Ashlock

  Address: UCF 4000 Central Florida Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32976

  Email: tjashlock@hotmail.com


Everyone has a story...so here's a bit of the story of my academic journey. Grateful for the wonderful teachers who have taught and inspired me, I started my academic career with the goal of teaching students, to empower them, inspire them, and to truly make a difference in their lives, like the many teacher who came before me. So, I began my academic journey at Brevard Community College. After graduating from Burnett Honors at the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in piano studies, I entered UCF graduate school for E-Learning. Completion of an ID&T masters degree will be the first stepping stone in achieving academic dream.

For more information, please take a moment and click on the icons below to peruse my educational blog and e-portfolio. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy perusing my educational activities. Please feel free to contact me by simply clicking on the mailbox below.

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About Us-My Kin Konnection

This family website is a work of love to combine our family under one umbrella. While doing so, I hope to discover a unique family portrait and identity, along with the courageous acts of our ancestors that we can be proud of. Our ancestors layed the foundation for us to follow both in their patriotic bravery and in their religious convictions of hard work, integrity, and honesty. They set the example for us to follow.

The Ashlock Clan and Decker Clan were combined with my immediate family. My father, George Shriner Ashlock, loved his family history and it was his life work. At thirty years of age, he was obsessed with the desire to search for the Ashlocks outside of Stanford, Kentucky, the family homestead before the 1800's. He left his wife and their four girls, and hitchicked across American searching to discover more of his family clan. My father passed away from cancer in April of 1994, and I picked up the family search after his death.

The Decker Clan from my maternal side is rich with germanic history. The Deckers and the Kuesters are both native Iowa families, combined when Michael Decker married Emma Kuester in 1919, my maternal grandparents. Emma's father, Louis Kuester married Ida Needles and graduated nurses training together. They started tuberculosis centers in Boulder, Colorado; San Antonio, Texas in Old Mexico; and Orlando, Florida.

Surnames researching
Hertzog Rawlings Traylor Holtzclaw
Hux Gray Carrier Long
Boone Scott Franklin Painter
Craig Metzgear Vaughn Thomas
Douglas Willrett Poe Russell
Otterback Muess Flender Grimm
Hunt Dehart Barnes Marlenee
Morris Sinclair Weil Van Buren
Rawlings Shenk Hertzog Woolston
Sauer Booet Pence Baumgartner
Hocamp Ingles Duvall Ellerman
Elwell Rhea McRae Worcester


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