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The American Ashlock Clan

Ashlock Family Tree

Thomas Ashlock,the first proven ancestor of the Ashlock Clan, was born in Suffolk, England in 1611. His grandson, John Ashlock, a fishmonger in London, England is believed to be the father of the Ashlock Clan. In 1683, he contracted a fellow fishmonger, Archibald Archer, to secure passage to America for his freedom and landed in Virginia in 1683. In return, he sold himself into slavery to Archibald Archer for the next seven years.

John Ashlock was a member of the Episcopal Church, the Church of England in America. His son, John, like himself was a sexton by trade who maintained the cemetery and church grounds. John's brother, William Ashlock married Anne Mauk in Philadephia, Pennyslvania in 1704 before settling in Halifax County, Virginia. The family homestead was in Danville, Virginia and surrounding counties in the heartland of plantation country. Just like the military lineage he came from, William fought in the Revolutionary War beside his four sons, Jesse, William, James, Richard. He died in the Revolutionary War when he paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

William's son, Richard, married Nancy Vaughn and they settled in Danville, Virginia. Revolutionary War veterans had fought for the right to make their own moonshine. Now without war compensation, the government demanded they cease making moonshine. A moonshiner at heart, Richard did not agree. He and his brothers were put in the stocks many times. Finally in 1797, the family wanted a new start, so Richard with all of his brothers moved west, with each brother settling in a neighboring county. Richard Ashlock settled in Lincoln County, Kentucky by Gilberts Creek in the community of Goshen in Stanford, Kentucky. William settled in Nelson County, Kentucky. Jesse Ashlock created the town of Ashlock, Kentucky located at the ridge of the Cumberland Gap. John homesteaded in Boyle County. James Ashlock is in Tennessee by 1820, and Josiah is in North Carolina.


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