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English Family Connections

Most of the information about our English relatives comes to us by a book written in 1952 by John Bennett, A Memoir Of The Bennett Family Of South Wilts." Bennett researched the Ashlock family connections and includes a detailed summary on the Ashlocks in England, which includes the Aslake Coat of Arms being quartered with five other shields: Bennett, Thorpe, Fastold, Bucton, and Pike. These shields were flown in the Great Yarmouth Church in Norwich, England.

Ashlock/Bennett Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

A Sable: a chevron ermine between three Catherine Wheels argent symbolized the torture and sacrifice of Saint Catherine.

The Crest: a talbot's head couped sable gutee d'eau.

The Motto: to be willing to die for the cause of Christianity.

In 1563, Thomas Bennett and Mary Ashlock of Heytesbury married, and resided on the family estate, the Pytte House of Tisbury, England. As typical of England's heraldy customs, both arms were quartered. The Bennett's registered the quartered coat of arms in 1623 with the Heraldry College and when the estate was refurbished in 1700, that emblem was engraved on the estate.


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