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what's your story?

Everyone has a story, good or bad, right or wrong does not seem to matter too much, so what's your story. What do you want to discover? The question remains, why should we be interested in our family history.After all, our ancestors lived so long ago and have been dead so many years. Surely, it does not matter anymore, or does it. An interesting question to ponder. How might you feel if you knew their sacrifices were made for you, or would you feel proud to know the courageous ways they overcame their challenges. But the real question is, are you curious about your family story. Before we can say that we know another person, there are many questions that need to be uncovered and sometimes it takes years to discover their secrets. Are you curious about exciting events in your family’s lives or would you be interested what your family tree might look like,and trends that it might uncover. It is interesting to discover a unique family identity, and even family traits of big feet or small ears. Have you ever considered if your ancestors talked, walked, or acted like you.

Family history connects people and families

Recent discoveries in DNA testing helps patients unlock their medical family history. Once discovered, people can make changes that can extend their lives. DNA testing can also connect unexpected family relations. One doctor tested the DNA from a Jew and a Muslim to prove Abraham’s biblical prophecy that states all Jews and Muslims are descendents of Abraham.They found the tale proved true when the men were tested: a Muslim, Dr. Muhmet Oz, and Mike Nichols, the Jewish American Director. Dr. Oz was surprised by the news,“This kind of information to me is world changing. For Jews and Muslims to recognize how inter-related we really are.The only thing that separates us is how we think about things.”

In the moment when the family is being torn apart, the mission of family history is connecting families together. Indeed, it is the first step in understanding how connected we really are. Our navel connects us to our Mother, another member of our own family, who we connect with. We look and act like them. This first and most natural connection paves the way for the vital connection that ties us not only to our immediate families but to all the levels of the human family. Indeed, the goal of family history is to save the human family by understanding how connected we are.

How to discover your story
FamilySearch, the leading site for genealogy research can help you discover what’s your story in 5 short minutes. Just pondering a few short words can start you on your journey-Home-Relatives-Memories. Family History is easy! Listen to see how easy it is to get started. First, simply write down what you know. Second, visit family members and ask them prompting questions at family events. Third, search your family's attic for family pictures and documents such as birth, marriage, land, or death records.

It’s easy! Just start searching and see where your journey leads you! I challenge you to create a scapbook, connect with family members, or join a family history blog, where you can discover family treasures that will give you pride in your new found family heritage! As you compile information, you can create a presentation on your family such as ourĀ Holtzclaw Story. Enjoy the journey!


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