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Welcome to my e-portfolio where you can view my career exploration, academic journey, various designs throughout this course, and research interests. Everyone has a story and this website shows the story of my career and academic ventures.

A little bit about me...I have always had a desire to help and serve others. Grateful for the wonderful teachers who have taught and inspired me, I have always wanted to give back to my community. I was an administrative assistant for over ten years, where I gained valuable hands-on experience for business and the corporate world. While experience is a great teacher, there is no replacement for a good education. For me to help others in a greater capacity, I needed a better education to truly make a difference in students' lives. So, I went back to school in my native state of Florida in order to teach at the community college. 

Upon graduating in honors at BCC, University of Central Florida offered me an honors scholarship so I moved to Orlando to study piano and history.  I served as President of Phi Theta Kappa, the history honors society, that gave me great opportunities for leadership and working with diverse academic departments within the university, while pursuing a degree in music.  Graduating in the Burnett Honors College with my B.A. in music in 2009, I entered graduate school in 2010 for Educational Leadership Community College Social Science Track.  In order to keep up rising enrollment rates of distance education, I became a double major in Industrial Design and Technology in the e-learning track. Gaining this education is my first stepping stone in achieving my dream of becoming a community college instructor. I am looking forward to learning more about industrial design in teaching and learning at the University of Central Florida.

I hope you enjoy perusing my e-portfolio and thank you for stopping by! If I can provide you further information, please contact me:




4000 Florida Parkway, Orlando, FL 32976