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Richard Zahn Ashlock's Clan

Richard moved to a little town called Stanford, Kentucky at the south end of Lincoln county where the clan settled for over two hundred years. A pig farmer and a moon shiner, his business thrived for a hundred years. He had married Nancy Vaughn in Virginia, but by the time they settled in Stanford, Kentucky, the couple separated and eventually divorced but resided near each other on the family farm at Gilberts Creek in the Goshen area of Stanford, Kentucky.

Richard & Nancy's Clan: James, Welcome, & George

Nancy and Richard remained friends for lifetime as they both lived on the Ashlock homestead in the Goshen area on Gilberts Creek.

Welcome stood was 6 ft 7 inches tall. A handsome man by all accounts, but he never married. You could always find him at the local Stanford saloon gambling with the boys, while carrying two six-shooters on each hip. However, one must feel empathy about his girlish name. I wonder what Nancy and Richard were thinking, but more than that what he suffered because of it. Welcome and his nephew, George Thomas were very close and Welcome stayed with him until he died from old age.

Richard & Polly's Clan: Samuel, Nancy & Catherine

Richard wanted to start a new family. He found his true love in Polly Pence in 1807. Polly is believed to have died in childbirth in 1813 and Richard followed her in death the next year. Now the children were parentless and in their teenage years. Most of them stayed in Stanford probably with cousins. Now the children were parentless and in their teenage years. Most of them stayed in Stanford probably with cousins. As Daniel Boone blazed the Wilderness trail that ran right through the Cumberland Gap of Kentucky. The Boone farm is situated in Stanford, and Samuel Ashlock fell in love and married his granddaughter, Sarah Dehart Hunt. They followed Boone when he left Kentucky and settled the county of Boone, Missouri.

James & Elizabeth's Clan: George Washington & Martha

Allen K Traylor

George Washington Ashlock, married Mary Jane Holtzclaw, see photo, that brought considerable wealth to the family. He was given 2500 acres as a dowry. This marriage brought considerable prestige to the family, and much Prussian history of the Holtzclaw name. BC Holtzclaw from Germany to Germanna who created the foundation of Germanna in Vaquiere county, Virginia. He wrote the Holtzclaw portrait, which is a charming rendition of the typical Holtclaw family member.

George Washington Ashlock & the Moonshine Enterprise--Richard Ashlock's grandson, George Washington, partnered with with his son-in-law, Allen K. Traylor and made blown glass jugs with the Traylor name. Allen Traylor married Elizabeth Painter Ashlock, the namesake of Elizabeth Painter, her grandmother and the wife of James Ashlock

The Holtzclaw-Traylor- Mobley Connection

The Mystery of John Metzger & James Franklin Ashlock

George Thomas Ashlock-Father of Adventist Ashlocks

George Washington Family

GW & Mary Jane Holtzclaw's son, George Thomas Ashlock, shown in the photo above with Lucy and their three sons, became the modern inventor and entrepreneur of the family. He married Lucy Long and together they ran a country store in Stanford, Kentucky. Love for their neighbors is evident in their daily acts. Lucy would serve pie to the children coming home from school, and GT was either the railroad station or helping out the sheriff in town. The great depression was a stressful time, but GT Ashlock kept the town going with letter of credits as his store ledger will attest. One day, Lucy Long decided to join a new church canvassing in town, the Seventh Day Adventist. Lucy shooed their three boys out to play in the field when she told GT of her decision. GT got so mad, he just started shooting his gun off into the fields, not knowing that is where his boys were hiding. What a temper that one had, and he so loved his moonshine.

Ashlocks Country Store

George Thomas Ashlock stood 7 feet tall and had the spirit of a giant! They said that he might teach Sunday School if he was sober enough to speak. Later on his ideas of religion changed, and he held church services for the community in his home. GT invented the Brown tractor, although he is not attributed to it. GT was sick the day they had an appointment at the patent office. He asked his business partner to take the patents into town to register it. The partner registered the patent as his own, and ran off to Mexico to escape GTs wrath. What followed was GT taking a three week trip to hunt him down to find him. Lucky for him, he escaped with his life.

Later, GT gave up the moonshine, and converted to the Adventist faith. He held church services in the Ashlock homestead and preached the sermon every Sabbath. He invented the famous Grandpa Tom's pickles and Grandpa Tom's Tomatoes. My cousin Jim Ashlock swears that he would make his own pickles and had special recipes that made them fresh and crisp!

Ashlock Cemetery in Gilbert's Creek near Goshen

GT Ashlock's sons-Bill, Carl & Frank

Carl and Frank spent the lifework being in the ministry of the Adventist church. Both Carl and Frank went to Southern Missionary College in Collegedale, Tennessee. Carl served in the Southern States Conference of the Adventist church, while Frank went on a mission to India. He built a Seventh-Day-Adventist school in Poona, which started a family tradition that would continue for four generations. Frank's sons served most of their lives in India, they rebuilt the school in Calcutta in 2009 that their father originally built during the years he served there. The end this story has not been written yet...one thing is clear...India left their mark on the Ashlock family for at least four generations and the Ashlocks left their mark on the people of Calcutta, an eternal association that will be enjoyed throughout the eternities.


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